Are you looking to capture the beauty and joy of each season with your loved ones? I offer a wide range of holiday mini-photo sessions throughout the year, ensuring that you have stunning images to cherish for a lifetime. I specialize in capturing the essence of every season, from the blooming colors of spring to the magical winter wonderland. Join for the unique and memorable holiday mini-photo sessions that celebrate the spirit of each season.

Celebrate the arrival of the New Year, Lunar New Year, the blossoming of spring, the joy of Easter, the love for Mother's Day and Father's Day, the warmth of summer and beach adventures, the charm of a lemonade stand, the serenity of lavender fields, the enchantment of apple farms, the festive spirit of pumpkin patches, the golden hues of autumn, the magic of holiday sessions both outdoors and in-studio, and the wonderland of winter. The mini-photo sessions are designed to capture these special moments, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes. With package prices starting at $125 and up, you'll receive 5 to 10 edited high-resolution photos that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the occasion. These mini-photo sessions are scheduled on specific dates and locations, with appointments conveniently scheduled back-to-back. However, availability is extremely limited, so I encourage you to book well in advance to secure your desired time slot and ensure you don't miss out on capturing these cherished memories.

  • Spring Photography Services

    As the world awakens to the vibrant colors of spring, The Spring Photography Services are designed to capture the beauty and renewal of this season. The Spring Family Photography sessions provide an opportunity for families to embrace the blooming nature and create timeless memories. With Spring Mini Photo Sessions, you can enjoy a shorter, yet equally enchanting session that perfectly captures the essence of the season. I also offer Outdoor Spring Family Photoshoots, where you can bask in the beauty of nature as the backdrop to your family portraits.

  • Lavender Field & Tulip Farm Photography Services

    Imagine the breathtaking beauty of fields covered in lavender or tulips. Lavender Field Photoshoot services offer an exquisite setting for capturing your family's love and connection amidst these fragrant blooms. If tulips are more to your liking,Tulip Farm Family Photoshoot and Tulip Farm Photoshoot sessions provide a delightful experience, immersing you in the vibrant colors of tulip fields.

  • Summer & Beach Photography Services

    The warmth of summer and the serene ambiance of the beach create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments. The Summer Photography services offer a chance to capture the joy and playfulness of the season. Whether you prefer a Summer Family Photoshoot session, or Beach Photography experience, I will ensure your photos radiate with the carefree spirit of summer.

  • Autumn/Fall Family Photography Services

    As the leaves change color and a crispness fill the air, the Autumn/Fall Family Photography services capture the warmth and beauty of this season. Experience the enchantment of the outdoors with Autumn Family Photoshoot sessions. Let me create stunning images of your family surrounded by the golden hues of autumn foliage in captivating outdoor locations. Fall Family Photoshoot options also offer opportunities for capturing the essence of this season.

  • Apple Farm Photography Services

    Indulge in the charm of apple orchards and capture beautiful memories with the Apple Farm Photography services. Apple M Photography, Apple Orchard Photography, and Apple Orchard Family Photos sessions provide the perfect setting for creating timeless images. Let the orchard serve as a backdrop as I capture your family's joy and laughter among the apple trees.

  • Pumpkin Patch Photography Services

    Celebrate the magic of autumn with Pumpkin Patch Family Photography services. The sessions at the pumpkin patch allow your family to enjoy the excitement of choosing the perfect pumpkin while I capture precious moments. With my Pumpkin Patch Family Photoshoot sessions, I ensure your images reflect the joy and spirit of this pumpkin season.

  • Holiday & Winter Wonderland Photography Services

    Experience the enchantment of the holiday season and the wonder of winter with the Holiday & Winter Wonderland Family Photography services. Outdoor Holiday and Winter Wonderland Photography sessions embrace the festive spirit and capture the joy of this special time. For those who prefer an indoor setting, I offer In-Studio Holiday and Winter Wonderland Photography, creating magical scenes where your family's happiness shines through. Whether you seek a Holiday Mini Photo Session, Christmas Mini Photo Session, or Winter Wonderland Family Photoshoot, I will skillfully craft images that embody the warmth, love, and magic of the holiday season.

  • New Year & Lunar New Year Photography Services

    Celebrate new beginnings and cultural traditions with the New Year & Lunar New Year Photography services. Whether you want to capture the excitement of ringing in the new year or honor the traditions of the Lunar New Year, the sessions are tailored to suit your needs. New Year Photography and Lunar New Year Photography sessions offer a chance to preserve the joy and significance of these special occasions with your family. With New Year Family Photoshoots, I ensure that the spirit of these celebrations is beautifully reflected in your photographs.


Mother's & Father's Day Photography Services

Celebrate the love and bond between parents and their children with Mother's & Father's Day Photography services. Mother's Day Photography sessions provide an opportunity to honor the extraordinary women in your life, capturing their strength and love. With Mother's Day Mini Photo Sessions, I create heartfelt portraits that convey your appreciation. Similarly, the Father's Day Photography sessions focus on cherishing the special connection between fathers and their children. With Father's Day Mini Photo Sessions, I immortalize the love and joy shared within these relationships.

I am dedicated to capturing the beauty and essence of every season through the Holiday Mini Photo Sessions. Whether it's the vibrant colors of spring, the fragrant blooms of lavender fields and tulip farms, the warmth of summer and the serenity of the beach, the golden hues of autumn, the charm of apple orchards and pumpkin patches, the enchantment of the holiday season, or the celebrations of New Year and Lunar New Year, I offer a wide range of photography services tailored to each season.

I possess the expertise and creativity to bring out the best in every session. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing genuine moments, I ensure that your photographs reflect the joy, love, and magic of each season. I understand the importance of preserving cherished memories, and my goal is to provide you with images that you can treasure for a lifetime. Book Your Holiday Mini Photo Session Today and Preserve the Joyful Moments.

Mini Photo Sessions Gallery

Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
mini session
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
mini gallery
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season
Holiday Mini Photo Sessions for Every Season

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Diane T

We booked a spring family/maternity mini session with FeFe. I was really happy with the pictures from our session. She was able to get so many variety of photos in a short amount of time even when my toddler needed a bit of time to warm up. She provided clear direction and was so calm, warm and professional - a pleasure to work with. She is also fast and helpful at responding to any questions you might have before your session. I also liked how easy it was to book everything online.

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